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April 24, 2019

The 10 Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio, TX

The word “best” means a variety of things to different people. The best neighborhood in San Antonio might come with the best schools, have the best restaurants or shopping areas, or be the safest suburb. While there is no one best neighborhood or area to live in San Antonio, there are many possible options with their own benefits and advantages. To keep things simple, let’s take a look at the top 10, based on everything you might consider when moving to a new home.

Alamo Heights

No list of the best suburbs would be complete without including Alamo Heights. According to Area Vibes, Alamo Heights ranks better than 96% of areas in the United States with great amenities, low crime rates, high employment, and high-quality schools. It also lays directly next to beautiful Olmos Park, and it’s a short drive to either the San Antonio Zoo.

Alamo Ranch

Alamo Ranch has over 3,000 acres of beautiful landscapes. It’s a great residential area with single-family dwellings and a hometown feel, but it also has commercial areas as well. Located in northwestern San Antonio, Alamo Ranch gives its residents the ability to live in an intimate and peaceful area in Texas Hill Country.


Blanco provides its compact population of homeowners here the ability to experience the great state of Texas in a small town. The schools here are some of the best in the entire state, and it has a very low crime rate. From the thrifty to the expensive, there are homes in Blanco to fit just about any budget, including beautiful luxury real estate.


Boerne ranks in the top 100 areas to live in, putting it in the top 1% overall in the US. Boerne prides itself on amazing schools. The high school graduation rate is nearly 9 out of every 10 students, and their students tend to do better than the national average as well, to the tune of 66% higher testing scores. For a safe neighborhood with some of the best schools in San Antonio, go with Boerne.


Bulverde is a cozy little neighborhood in Northern San Antonio. Homes for sale have a median value of about $270,000, and you get a lot for your money: incredible schools, phenomenal weather, and very little crime. This neighborhood has a median age of 44, so middle-age folks and older will love this town.

Cross Mountain

Cross Mountain ranks in the top 5% of all neighborhoods in the United States, and it’s surrounded on all sides by beautiful parks, golf courses, and green space. If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood outside the hubbub of San Antonio (but still close to Six Flags Fiesta Texas), consider Cross Mountain!

Grey Forest

If small is what you want, Grey Forest is the best you can get. The entire town is only one and a half miles long and three-quarters of a mile wide. You read that right! The neighborhood only has about 500 residents, so you’re likely to know just about everyone. No need to lock your doors here! For the smallest of small-town vibes, go with Grey Forest.


Like Boerne, Helotes ranks in the top 100 neighborhoods in the entire United States, putting it in the country’s top 1% as well. It has an incredible livability factor with more and better amenities than most areas, some of the finest schools, and an amazingly low crime rate. If you want a little exclusivity, Helotes might just be your new home.

Stone Oak

Give yourself the good life in Stone Oak. There is a great selection of amenities and housing, and a fantastic school system for elementary, middle, and high school. It’s a much bigger area than most of the others on this list of the top 10 neighborhoods in San Antonio, Texas, which means it also has plenty of restaurants, parks, and shops. 

Thousand Oaks

The neighborhood of Thousand Oaks is relatively new in San Antonio, Texas, being established as recently as 1975. The area largely offers mid-sized houses at reasonable prices, plus the highly rated Thousand Oaks Elementary School, Thousand Oaks Family YMCA, and the quaint Legacy Farmer’s Market.

Use San Antonio Luxury Realty To Find Your New Home For Sale

To make this difficult decision much easier, you need a real estate company that knows the top neighborhoods in San Antonio better than anybody else. That company is San Antonio Luxury Realty. Let us walk you through everything you need to know, answer all your burning questions, and get you into the best home in the best neighborhood in all of Texas.


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March 27, 2019

4 Reasons You Should Rent From a Property Management Company

Landlord or professional property management company? When you’re renting, there’s a big difference.

When you’re trying to decide where to live, you’re probably more concerned about square feet rather than whether a landlord or property manager owns the rental. However, who you’re renting from can have just as much of an impact as what you’re actually renting. If you end up renting from the wrong person or company, your life as a renter can go from a pleasant and hassle-free to a problem-plagued nightmare.

Advantages of a Management Company

There are some profound differences between the way landlords manage a rental building and how professional management companies do that job. While you’re checking out bedrooms and the number of bathrooms, be sure to keep these differences in mind:


Professional management companies are, by definition “professional.” They’re a business, and tenants are their customers. Landlords, on the other hand, are often untrained, and their “professionalism” will likely depend more on who they are as a person rather than any sort of company standard.

While that’s not always a negative thing, a landlord may only have experience owning a – not running it or handling with tenants. From a renter’s point of view, professional standards from a property management company are often a better bet than risking a lease with a landlord.


Professional property management companies usually do things by the book—which they wrote. The best property management companies, like San Antonio Luxury Realty, have been doing this for years. We have time tested procedural manuals for our staff to follow for every possible scenario. There’s no winging it or making up stuff as they go, as sometimes occurs with a landlord.


In a professionally managed property, when things go wrong, the building’s staff quickly addresses the problem. Their job is to make their clients, the tenants, happy. There’s little or no waiting when it comes to fixing the plumbing or replacing a broken appliance.

With a landlord, however, there’s no manager or boss to ensure they’re doing their job appropriately. It’s a single person, and, as long as they’re getting their checks, they may not see an individual tenant as a priority.



From a renter’s point of view, perhaps the best benefit of having professionals running a building is that they are often available 24/7. If a renter locks themselves out of their apartment or a pipe bursts in the kitchen, the people working for the building are there to help. Even if a problem occurs in the middle of the night, there’s almost always someone to help—especially when some of the staff lives on the property.

Meanwhile, a landlord is much less likely to jump out of bed at 3:00 am to help a tenant. It’s hard for one person to keep up with multiple tenants, especially if they’re trying to manage more than one property, and that’s not even considering who’s in when the landlord is away on vacation or sick.


The staff at most rental property management companies go through a training program that, among other things, teaches them how to professionally interact with tenants. Importantly, if tenants complain about the attitude of a staff member, it's sure to get back to management. Having an unhelpful or cranky person on the team undermines the company's reputation and could, if the problem persists, jeopardize the property management's contract with the property owner. 

Rent from The Best Property Management Company in San Antonio

Realistically, renting from a professional property management company is probably better for tenants. Most renters would prefer spending their Sunday afternoon having brunch on the River Walk instead of chasing down an unresponsive landlord to get him to fix a leaky pipe you’ve complained about for weeks.

If you’re ready to rent from a top-notch property management company, take a look at our beautiful rental properties. Or, if you own a property but don’t want the hassle of managing it alone, learn more about the best property managers in San Antonio, TX. 

Feb. 20, 2019

Why San Antonio Landlords Should Hire a Property Management Company

Anyone who owns or manages rental properties knows it’s no walk in the park. Having to deal with cranky tenants, broken air conditioners and folks who “forgot” to pay their rent are just some of the burdens of being a landlord. What’s worse, tending to rental properties can easily gobble up an owner’s entire weekend

Owning a rental property is very different from managing one, just as owning a professional NBA team is very different than managing one. That’s why the San Antonio Spurs’ owners hire people like Gregg Popovich—they want a pro who knows how to run things and makes their owners money. The same holds true for landlords.

Many rental property owners have found a way to make life easier by hiring a property management company to take care of those unpleasant and time-consuming tasks. And it doesn’t have to break the bank either. For as little as $75 a month, our San Antonio Luxury Realty property management handles the hassles of managing rental properties and give owner’s back their weekends.

Benefits of Working With a Property Management Company

Besides helping deal with many of the routine tasks of running a rental property, having a property management company can, among other things, help enhance an owner’s bottom line. Here’s how:

Avoid Bad Tenants

Having a bad tenant is every property owner’s nightmare. Bad tenants can cost the owner’s money and drive them crazy. Unfounded complaints, late rental payments and the harassment of other tenants are just a few of the annoyances of having a difficult tenant.

It’s not always easy identifying these bad apples either.  Unless you have the time and knowledge to dig, and really dig deep into the backgrounds of possible tenants, bad actors can easily slip through. A top-flight property management company knows how to get past the veneer of a smooth-talking tenant to be. Good property managers are well versed in uncovering the rental histories of people, so you don’t have to.

Shortening Vacancy Times

Like an empty airline seat, a rental unit is a perishable commodity whose value disappears if it goes unused. Quickly finding a rent-paying tenant is critical because an empty unit is a wasted unit. Property management companies know this and are usually quite good in filling empty rental units with good paying renters.

Get The Highest Rent Possible

Rental property owners are known to under charge tenants for the simple reason they do not know what the current market rate is for their rental properties. Market rates change and sometimes fast. Not keeping up with current market rates is leaving money on the table, something no owner wants to do. Companies like San Antonio Luxury Realty keeps its finger on the market and knows exactly what the market will bear.

Maintain The Value of Your Property

A good property management company in San Antonio will keep a close eye on a building’s infrastructure, making sure routine property maintenance occurs so little problems don’t turn into big, expensive ones. This assures that your capital investment maintains its value and does not depreciate and become run down before its time.

Collect Rent On Time

One of the worse jobs around is chasing down tenants who are late with their rental payments. Unanswered phone calls and unanswered doors are unfortunately quite common. You know the drill; you knock on a tenant’s door, hearing a TV on in the background and you see an eyeball in the door’s peephole – yet nobody answers. The beauty of having a property manager around is that they can be the bill collector.

Avoid Costly Legal Problems

A single lawsuit can easily wipe out a property owner’s yearly rental income even if the case is thrown out. Lawyers aren’t cheap and many people filing frivolous lawsuits bank on that, knowing many landlords would rather cut a deal and avoid a costly trial. Professional property managers know how to avoid and handle costly legal problems as part of their job.


It’s a wise move to hire a professional property management company if you are a rental property owner in San Antonio, so visit our San Antonio Luxury Realty website if you’re ready to get started today.

July 31, 2017

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