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March 31, 2020

8 Amenities You Need in Your Next Rental


With so many available rental homes in San Antonio, how do you pick which one is right for you? There are many amenities you should look for in house rentals in San Antonio, especially if you are looking for luxury real estate. Here’s a list of rental home amenities we think you should look for. 


1. A Washer and Dryer (or Hookups)

No one enjoys lugging laundry to the laundromat. First, you have to get it all into your car before you drive to the laundromat that may be crowded or dirty. Then, you have to pay to use shared machines that may have just been utilized to clean who-knows-what off of strangers’ clothes and blankets. On top of all that, the industrial dryers often burn or damage clothes. 


By having your own washer and dryer in your home, you save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress. Even if you look for San Antonio houses for rent that only have hookups and buy the washer and dryer yourself, it is preferable to having to go to the laundromat. We think this is one of the most important things to look for in a rental home. 

2. Hardwood or Tile Floors

Hardwood or tile floors are easier to find in San Antonio rental homes than in other cities. Hardwood or tile floors are easier to clean, less likely to grow mold and mildew, and more aesthetically pleasing than carpet. If you have pets, it is also much easier to handle the dog or cat hair with hardwood or tile floors. You can always add rugs for warmth. 

3. Central Air Conditioning

While you would be hard-pressed to find any house rentals in San Antonio with no air conditioning at all, we advise you to stay away from rental homes that use window air conditioning units. Central Air will allow you to use a smart thermostat and stay comfortable throughout the hot Texas summers. 

4. Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets are something you don’t realize you need until you have them. Walk-in closets add a touch of luxury to your bedroom and allow you to stay neat and organized. If you are looking for a rental home in San Antonio, check to see which ones have walk-in closets. 

5. A Dishwasher

Something that may be lacking in older homes, a dishwasher is something that is often overlooked. If you are considering a rental home in San Antonio that is in an older or historical neighborhood, check to see if it has a dishwasher. 

6. Parking

Does your potential San Antonio rental home have parking? Whether you need a carport or garage, deciding on the parking you need will help you narrow down your home search. 

7. Outdoor Living Space

With amazing year-round weather, you will want your San Antonio rental home to have an outdoor living space where you can relax and entertain your friends. Whether you only need a small porch or balcony, or a full-on deck or pool area is determined by your lifestyle and preferences. 

8. A Great Location

A great location for a rental home in San Antonio may mean different things to different people. Deciding on an area might mean choosing a neighborhood with great schools, or an easy commute. You may want to make sure your neighborhood is walkable or is close to the places you love to go to. If you want a large lot or you prefer urban living will also change what makes a location great to you. Whatever your preferences, choosing which locations in the city are best for you will quickly narrow down your home search. 

Call San Antonio Luxury Realty


Whether you are looking for a rental home in San Antonio, our experienced and caring staff are equipped to find you your dream home. Call San Antonio Luxury Realty today to speak with one of our highly qualified realtors! 


March 5, 2020

How Renting Can Help You Live In the House of Your Dreams

Buying a luxury home on a sprawling lot in San Antonio is the epitome of the American dream. Of course, the beautiful homes in exclusive communities like Cordillera Ranch and Olmos Park also come with a pretty price tag.

But what if you didn’t have to buy that dream house to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle?

Benefits of Upscale House Rentals in San Antonio

The market for house rentals in San Antonio includes large, luxury homes that fit the needs and budgets of short-term or long-term residents. Other than the obvious difference in down-payment vs. safety deposit, some perks of renting over buying include:

There is a wide range of features and benefits associated with renting luxury real estate in the San Antonio area, including:

Short-Term Residency

If you anticipate moving within the next few years due to work or family circumstances, it may not pay to buy a home. In addition to a substantial down payment, selling after a short time can be difficult, costly, and downright stressful. 

A short-term lease on a luxury home gives you the opportunity to live comfortably without the commitment of owning the home for the foreseeable future.

No Upkeep Costs

Aside from the obvious cost of actually buying a home, there are a slew of “hidden fees” in owning property, such as:

  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC upkeep

  • Replacing outdated or malfunctioning appliances

  • Repairing any and all damage

  • Lawn & yard maintenance

  • HOA or neighborhood fees

Even if you can handle some of these repairs or maintenance yourself, that’s still time wasted fixing your home up instead of simply enjoying it. When you rent a home, the property management company will keep your home up and running at no cost to you. 

Get a Great Deal on a Great Place

Houses are expensive to maintain, meaning that the property owner will always want tenants to help offset the cost. If a home has been empty for a few months, your real estate agent may be able to snag you a great deal just to have the property occupied.

Plus, with the money you’re saving by paying rent over mortgages, you can save up to invest in the things you really want to purchase.

Countering Overpriced Housing Market

Playing in the housing market is a dangerous game. While a luxury home may seem like a good investment one week, the property value can plummet unexpectedly at any time. 

When things are not going well in the industry, it may be best to wait it out in a fabulous rental rather than risk the consequences of buying a home that will decrease sharply in value.

San Antonio Houses for Rent to Own

Rent goes to both the monthly rental charges and contributions to down payment to purchase the home. Leases for rent-to-own homes include the option or mandate to buy the home after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Benefits of Rental Homes in San Antonio

To recap, the benefits of renting a home over buying include: 

  1. No down payment

  2. No real estate taxes

  3. No repair bills or maintenance costs

  4. No homeowners association fees

  5. First-class amenities

  6. Broader location choices

  7. Not affected by property value fluctuations

  8. Flexibility to move without high costs or hassle

  9. Monthly costs are fixed

  10. Insurance is less expensive


The bottom line is that when you are renting a home instead of buying it, you are not ultimately responsible for the finances or upkeep of the property. You get to enjoy all the advantages of living in your dream home without paying the price.


Jan. 30, 2020

Choosing Between the Nicest Condos in San Antonio

High-end apartments can be difficult to choose between. The city is growing and the price of real estate in San Antonio is steadily increasing. Buying a condominium is a large investment, and you want to make sure you’re making the best choice with your money. 


San Antonio Luxury Realty has an expert team that is very familiar with all of the available condos in the area, and we can help you find the perfect home for you and your family! 

The Best High-End Apartments in San Antonio

There is a great selection of high-end apartments in San Antonio. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, our expert staff can help you find the perfect place! If you are trying to find a luxury condo in San Antonio, check out these great options first! 

The Arts — 123 Lexington Ave

The Arts is a beautiful highrise for San Antonio residents with discerning tastes. These units feature luxury amenities such as a 24/7 concierge, 24-hour room service, valet parking, a spa, a sparkling pool overlooking the river with a bar and cabanas, floor to ceiling windows, and a state-of-the-art workout facility. 

4242 Broadway St

The Broadway is a full-service highrise, with luxurious amenities, custom cabinetry, hardwood floors, and granite or marble countertops. With breathtaking views, valet parking, a 24-hour concierge, pool and spa, catering kitchen, guest suites, conference room, media lounge, and over 2 acres of private grounds, you will immediately feel at home at The Broadway. 

230 Dwyer Ave

The La Cascada condominiums are conveniently located downtown, with typical luxury highrise amenities, such as 24-hour security, a hot tub, rooftop pool, gym, and business center. 

600 E Market St

With many options for layouts and price ranges, yet still having the luxury amenities you’re looking for, 600 E Market st should be on your list for luxury condominiums in San Antonio. 

San Antonio Culture

San Antonio has a rich culture steeped in history. It’s Mexican-American roots come through in the amazing food, artwork, and celebrations. There is never a shortage of parties and events in San Antonio, with many celebrations taking place in the bustling downtown.


Each December, Christmas is celebrated with a beautiful display of 7,000 luminarias lining the river, and the River Walk is lit up with over 122,000 lights! There are film festivals, rodeos, plays, museums, and a busy nightlife scene! 


There’s truly something for everyone in San Antonio. 

Amenities in San Antonio Apartments

When you’re looking at luxury apartments in San Antonio, you want to know that you’re going to have the amenities you expect. While each highrise is different, popular amenities include: 

Fitness Equipment and Spaces

Stay in shape in your luxury apartment in downtown San Antonio! Most high rises offer some kind of gym, and may even have yoga studios, weight rooms, and lap pools. 

Community Amenities

Most luxury condos and apartments in downtown San Antonio have some sort of green space, as well as shared space that may include game rooms or lounges. This allows residents to have a sense of community where they can interact with their neighbors. 


Workspaces are becoming more common as well. Conference rooms, shared offices, and media rooms have become more common as remote jobs increase in popularity. 

Nov. 12, 2019

Hidden Histories of San Antonio's Nicest Neighborhoods

The great state of Texas has its fair share of rich and vibrant history. Today, those same historical threads trace themselves into the contours of the many cities around Texas.


To mention one notable municipality, people often find San Antonio particularly full of sports, arts, culinary variety, parks, educational and work opportunities, and much else besides. No matter your age or interest, the best parts of San Antonio provide something as unique and full of tradition as the Old West itself.


In other words, there’s something for pretty much everybody in the hidden histories of San Antonio’s nicest neighborhoods. Read along below as we discover some of the area’s finest pockets of culture, outdoors, and so much more of what San Antonio has to offer.


San Antonio’s Nicest Neighborhoods and Their History


Alamo Heights

A historian by the name of T.R. Fehrenbach once remarked that “Alamo Heights, whatever else it is, reflects three qualities: good government, stable neighborhoods and a feeling of intimacy.” This area bears a particular quality that reaches far all the way back to its start as the personal residence of George Brackenridge and Charles Anderson, both of whom adored the land here and its rolling complexity.


Alamo Ranch

A lot of parties and fiestas have been celebrated in the Alamo Ranch area over the course of its rich history. The ranch itself actually served as a welcoming pitstop for the many tradesman and other travelers that found themselves along this route of the state of Texas.



Home to the second-oldest courthouse in the entire state of Texas (built in 1870), Boerne has a fascinating history, a microcosm of the pioneering lands of the West in the 1800’s. The entrepreneur William Dietert started the town’s very first enterprise, a gristmill/sawmill combination on the banks of the Cibolo Creek. Though the city only contained ten houses in 1859, it was actually selected to house the seat of the newly established county in 1862.



A pair of beautiful suburban developments have been constructed very close to the center of this historic area. Though this small city had fewer than a hundred inhabitants as recently as the sixties, the population now has grown to nearly 5,000, a far cry from what seems just a few short decades ago.


Cross Mountain

The City of Cross Mountain rests atop an ancient hill of marl and limestone. Native Americans utilized this promontory as an observation post before the land was settled by pioneers. In 1847, someone discovered a wooden cross here, which is why the area is called Cross Mountain. 99 years later, the city erected a fixed, illuminated cross to honor the original.


Fair Oak Ranch

In the early part of the twentieth century, a rancher named Ralph E. Fair began work on the land in this region of San Antonio. After trying his hand at racehorses, Mr. Fair decided to opt for another great Texan tradition: cattle farming. As a result of his methods of husbandry, cattle farmers started traveling from all over to begin life anew here in Texas.


Thousand Oaks

Though the town would not incorporate until the mid-1970’s, people such as Ellis Griffin (1875-1957) owned land in settlements of what would eventually become Thousand Oaks, Texas, as early as 1900. These settlement areas often contained only a smattering of homes, and perhaps a church or school. Today, the city is a flourishing municipality with beautiful homes on historically significant land.


As you can see, Texas holds many historic treasures, and its cities exist as a portal to a different time and place altogether. Perhaps no city quite conjures this link like that of San Antonio and its many suburban neighborhoods.


To get a taste of this history hiding in plain sight for yourself, reach out to us at San Antonio Luxury Realty. We would love to introduce you to this rich area and help you settle into the home of your wildest dreams.

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Sept. 30, 2019

Three Fail-Proof Ways to Make the Most Money from Your Rental Property in San Antonio


So, you’ve put in the hard work of locating and investing in the right rental property in San Antonio, Texas. That’s a huge step, and you should be proud of this accomplishment.

The next step is to capitalize on this investment and turn it into a cash cow. From one month (or year) to the next, you want to make sure that you’re getting more out than you put in.

While this is far from straightforward, some key principles do exist for how to make the most money from your rental property in San Antonio. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be raking in the money every single month for years and years to come.


#1 Keep. It. Rented.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but in order to make money on your rental property, you need to keep the vacancy to an absolute minimum. Every month that it goes unrented, there are fewer dollars going into your pocket and bank account.

Of course, the best way to keep an apartment, condo, or house rented is to find great tenants that intend to stay put long-term. These people are diamonds in the rough, but they do exist, and they are worth their weight in gold.

In the somewhat inevitable event of a move out situation (these things do happen), to keep the cash flow running smoothly, you should always, always, always have someone else lined up to rent it next. This requires a certain amount of diligence, but it pays off in dividends.

Advertise and run quality background checks. Do these things upfront so that there are no unfortunate surprises — while you do want someone in the property, an especially bad tenant can truly be a nightmare.

Further, the more tenant turnover you have, the more money you spend to redo the paint or carpeting or other aspects of the unit. The less turnover, the greater your return on investment.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a San Antonio property management company to do the heavy lifting for you, there is no greater key to investment property success than simply keeping the property rented at all times.


#2 Smart Rent Raises

Another great way to maximize your income from rental properties comes by way of smart rent increases. Ultimately, you want to get as much money as you can without driving away tenants at the same time.

It’s a difficult balance to strike, but it absolutely can be done. In order to walk this fine line, you need to know a few things about the rental property scene in your neck of the woods.

 For starters, get a sense of the rental costs next door and down the street — literally and figuratively. You want to know how much other properties run in the same area to have a general idea of what you’ll reasonably be able to charge for your own.

Along the same lines, once you do have consistent tenants in a rental property, it makes good financial sense to increase the rent from time to time — with inflation, at the very least, or you’ll end up with less money annually than you had the prior year.

Again, seeing how much other properties sustainably raise their respective rents can provide a reliable indicator of success in this department. But trust your gut and your tenants too: a bird (ahem, tenant) in the hand is worth far more than two potential ones in the bush.


#3 Increase Value and Revenue

Once you have good tenants and you’re shrewdly calculating rents and raises, you are well on the way to making great and consistent money from your San Antonio rental property.

That being said, another option exists. You can add further value to the property by building in more amenities and services of which your current tenants can take advantage, as well as attracting new tenants in the future.

At first blush, this might just sound like more money coming out, while nothing extra comes back in to replace it. Quite the contrary!

Adding options like coin laundry machines, a rental party room, or even a paid cleaning service can result in continual income that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. If you’re renting out a home, offer to take care of the landscaping for an additional fee or include it in a small rent raise.

All of these value-added options provide incredibly simple tweaks to get the most out of your property without paying for costly renovations.


Keep Your Property Profitable

If you want to make the most money from your rental property in San Antonio, the three guidelines above can go a very long way in making that happen.

In short: always keep it occupied, regularly raise the rents, and continually add new, timesaving features for which your tenants are willing to pay a little more each month.

This is all much easier said than done, of course. If you want someone to shoulder the burden for you, look no further than San Antonio Luxury Realty.

We continually earn a top spot as one of the best property management companies in San Antonio, and with good reason. We have in-depth knowledge of the rental landscape, years of invaluable experience in renting properties of all kinds, and we care deeply about making our clients happy.

Call or email us today to get started. We can’t wait to help you make more money than ever before from you San Antonio rental property.

Aug. 8, 2019

Penthouse Condos for Sale in San Antonio

Nothing says luxury like a great condo in a high-rise building. Luckily, in the great state of Texas a number of properties of exist that can provide just such an accommodation.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you’re really looking for the most luxurious homes, you need to check out the amazing penthouse condos for sale in San Antonio.

Luxury homes in San Antonio come in many different shapes and sizes. Large houses in the area that meet the expectations of those in the market for magnificence can easily run three-quarters of a million dollars or more. To get the best bang for your buck while also living the fabulous lifestyle you deserve, the best options often come in the form of penthouse apartments in San Antonio.

The Perks of Luxury Condos

For starters, there are frequently a good deal more apartments available in any city than there are homes. This makes sense, because apartments don’t require as much space, and the buildings can build up instead of out. This means that you may have a better opportunity to find exactly what you’re looking for in the San Antonio neighborhood of your dreams by seeking out a luxury condo.

Another incredible perk of living in a luxury apartment in San Antonio is the fantastic amenities that buildings have to offer their fine tenants. Many include such features as a pool and hot tub combination, a 24-hour gym, courtyards, conference rooms, and clubhouses. Some even have dog parks! 

This sort of lifestyle can be had easily in one of the many luxury condos for rent in this area. San Antonio boasts a number of beautiful properties that make living in a house pale by comparison. It may sound crazy, but it’s absolutely true! 

The Cost of San Antonio Luxury Condos

If you’ve looked around and seen the high cost of some houses in your favorite San Antonio neighborhood, you might find yourself wondering how to come up with the down payment. This is one rather hidden advantage of renting instead of owning: you simply don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to get started.


In fact, the cost of a luxury penthouse condo in San Antonio, Texas, is quite affordable by comparison. Consider that you can find a gorgeous, fully-furnished penthouse apartment with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, and many of the amenities previously mentioned for less than a housing mortgage payment.


To get specific, astonishing penthouses are available at virtually any price range. Depending on the total number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the unit, luxury condos can start around $1,000 and go up from there. For some people, they only want the finest money can buy. In this case, you can easily get everything your heart desires, from about $6,000. And if you’re somewhere in the middle, we have those too.


The point is this: if you’ve got your eyes set on living a life of true elegance in Texas, then you need look no further than at the many luxury properties to rent in the great neighborhoods of San Antonio.

Look at Penthouse Condos Today!

When it comes to luxury rental properties, nobody does it like San Antonio Luxury Realty. We take pride in discovering the best units in the city and connecting with them people just like you. We have access to the best condos in one of the greatest cities in the state. Let us know what’s on your wish list, and we’ll make it happen.

Here’s the bottom line: if you're looking for a condo in San Antonio, or are looking for a property manager to manage your rental, contact us today! We would love to help you find the home of your wildest dreams.

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July 9, 2019

3 Common Questions About Home Rental Insurance

Most properties require renters insurance for all their tenants, but why? Is it just a ploy by insurance companies to get your money? There’s a lot to worry about when renting a home or renting out your property, especially when it comes to insurance. Here are three things you may not know about renters insurance and why it’s so important to get.

1.   Do I really need renters insurance?

If you’re moving into a rental home in San Antonio, the first thing you need to consider is how valuable your personal property is. Many property management companies will require a certain base level of renters insurance to cover all the bases if a disaster were to occur.


If your property management does not require you to purchase renters insurance, then you should consider the value of all the items in your home. Think about what you can afford to replace if worse came to worst and everything was destroyed or ruined in a natural disaster. If that thought makes you start to panic, then purchasing renters insurance may help you gain some peace of mind.


2.   Does renters insurance cover everyone in the house?

Are you living on your own? Renters insurance will cover absolutely all of your personal belongings. Some insurance companies will allow you to replace up to a certain dollar amount of damages while others will have you declare your property in the event of an incident. If you’re living with a spouse, most insurance companies will gladly add them to your policy, allowing you to include your spouse’s belongings in the policy.


However, if you are unmarried and living with another person, the rules on covering others in the home get more complicated. Generally the rule of thumb is that if you and the other(s) in your home split all expenses (not just rent and utilities, but personal belongings as well), then you can both be on the same policy.


3.   Can I get renters insurance if I own the home?

Generally renters insurance is used to protect personal property in a multi-family home owned by a landlord or leasing company. The landlord will buy property insurance to protect the building, and tenants will purchase renters insurance to protect their own belongings. This allows tenants the luxury of crafting their own policy, covering as much or as little as they want.


If you own the home and rent it out to tenants, you should have them purchase renters insurance to avoid any snafus in the case of a dramatic incident. Of course, renting through a qualified property management company can also help simplify the process of renting out your property.


Still have questions?

Whether you’re renting your property out or renting your current home, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of having rental insurance. If you’re still uncertain, contact San Antonio Luxury Realty today for more property management information.

May 30, 2019

Rent to Own Lease Options in San Antonio, TX

The best part about owning or leasing a home in San Antonio, Texas, is the favorable market conditions that exist at the moment. There are great options all over the area for buyers, sellers, and renters to take advantage of great value in a thriving city. With that in mind, there are a number of questions you’ll want to answer before diving into a rent to own lease option in San Antonio, TX. Let’s take a look at each one in turn.


Is Lease to Own the Same as Rent to Own?

Most of the time, individuals looking to buy a home require the financial instrument of a mortgage to make their home purchase payments. If you have a poor credit situation or inability to receive a large loan, then a mortgage may not be the best route. In these cases, a rent to own lease option might be a great alternative.


In a rent to own option, you simply rent a home as you normally would, but with one notable and very important exception: you have the option to actually buy the home prior to the expiration of the lease. Leasing to own and renting to own essentially mean the same thing. In both cases, you pay monthly to stay in the home while having the option to buy the home itself before the rental or lease agreement expires.


How Does the Rent to Own Process Work?

There are several parts to a rent to own process, each of which is very important and can have positive or negative repercussions for the future of the renter/leaser of the property. The first step is to determine whether the agreement will be a lease-option or a lease-purchase.


Lease-options allow the renter the option to buy a home before the expiration of the lease. Lease-purchases typically require the renter to buy a home at the lease expiration, regardless of whether they are financially able to afford doing so. Because of this, take extra care to figure out whether you are being offered a lease-option or a lease-purchase agreement before signing on any dotted lines.


The second part of the rent to own process regards the negotiation of the actual home price. There are two ways that the price of a house can be determined in a lease-option or lease-purchase scenario: at the time of lease signing or after the lease expires. If the prices of homes in the area where you are renting seem to be on an upswing, you might want to consider nailing down a price at lease signing to ensure that you don’t pay an exorbitant cost for the home after the lease expires.


The last primary point to consider is whether the rental/leasing payments will be applied to the purchase price of the home. In most cases, the total amount of rent will not be credited toward the home purchase price; instead, a percentage of the rental payments will be applied. For instance, if 20% of the rental payments is applied, and the rent is $1000/month, then $200/month will ultimately be credited toward the home payment if you choose to buy the house at the end of the lease. All of these points are important to consider. Make sure to hammer them out as clearly as possible (with no ambiguity) before signing a lease.


Who Is Responsible for Repairs in a Rent to Own Situation?

Another important point to consider is who bears responsibility for home repairs in a rent to own or lease to own agreement. In nearly all cases, the landlord (homeowner) pays for any repairs needed to a home during the lease-option or lease-purchase rental. While this is usually the case, you will still want to go over the rental agreement to determine this with certainty. The last thing you want is to think you will be covered and end up on the hook for a major repair.


Contact the Experts at San Antonio Luxury Realty

Are you planning on buying or renting to own a luxury home in the San Antonio area? There are homes for sale in San Antonio for people at every budget and home style preference. To make sure you secure the best deal – such as the best price and clearly spelled out, favorable terms — use the services of professional realtors who specialize in San Antonio luxury home rentals.


San Antonio Luxury Realty also has the experience and expertise needed to help you with renting a home in San Antonio. We can help you to quickly and easily find the best rent to own homes. San Antonio has a booming market. To get ahead of the game, let us help you. We can guarantee that you will rent at the best price for homes for rent in San Antonio. Get in touch with San Antonio Luxury Realty today.

April 24, 2019

The 10 Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio, TX

The word “best” means a variety of things to different people. The best neighborhood in San Antonio might come with the best schools, have the best restaurants or shopping areas, or be the safest suburb. While there is no one best neighborhood or area to live in San Antonio, there are many possible options with their own benefits and advantages. To keep things simple, let’s take a look at the top 10, based on everything you might consider when moving to a new home.

Alamo Heights

No list of the best suburbs would be complete without including Alamo Heights. According to Area Vibes, Alamo Heights ranks better than 96% of areas in the United States with great amenities, low crime rates, high employment, and high-quality schools. It also lays directly next to beautiful Olmos Park, and it’s a short drive to either the San Antonio Zoo.

Alamo Ranch

Alamo Ranch has over 3,000 acres of beautiful landscapes. It’s a great residential area with single-family dwellings and a hometown feel, but it also has commercial areas as well. Located in northwestern San Antonio, Alamo Ranch gives its residents the ability to live in an intimate and peaceful area in Texas Hill Country.


Blanco provides its compact population of homeowners here the ability to experience the great state of Texas in a small town. The schools here are some of the best in the entire state, and it has a very low crime rate. From the thrifty to the expensive, there are homes in Blanco to fit just about any budget, including beautiful luxury real estate.


Boerne ranks in the top 100 areas to live in, putting it in the top 1% overall in the US. Boerne prides itself on amazing schools. The high school graduation rate is nearly 9 out of every 10 students, and their students tend to do better than the national average as well, to the tune of 66% higher testing scores. For a safe neighborhood with some of the best schools in San Antonio, go with Boerne.


Bulverde is a cozy little neighborhood in Northern San Antonio. Homes for sale have a median value of about $270,000, and you get a lot for your money: incredible schools, phenomenal weather, and very little crime. This neighborhood has a median age of 44, so middle-age folks and older will love this town.

Cross Mountain

Cross Mountain ranks in the top 5% of all neighborhoods in the United States, and it’s surrounded on all sides by beautiful parks, golf courses, and green space. If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood outside the hubbub of San Antonio (but still close to Six Flags Fiesta Texas), consider Cross Mountain!

Grey Forest

If small is what you want, Grey Forest is the best you can get. The entire town is only one and a half miles long and three-quarters of a mile wide. You read that right! The neighborhood only has about 500 residents, so you’re likely to know just about everyone. No need to lock your doors here! For the smallest of small-town vibes, go with Grey Forest.


Like Boerne, Helotes ranks in the top 100 neighborhoods in the entire United States, putting it in the country’s top 1% as well. It has an incredible livability factor with more and better amenities than most areas, some of the finest schools, and an amazingly low crime rate. If you want a little exclusivity, Helotes might just be your new home.

Stone Oak

Give yourself the good life in Stone Oak. There is a great selection of amenities and housing, and a fantastic school system for elementary, middle, and high school. It’s a much bigger area than most of the others on this list of the top 10 neighborhoods in San Antonio, Texas, which means it also has plenty of restaurants, parks, and shops. 

Thousand Oaks

The neighborhood of Thousand Oaks is relatively new in San Antonio, Texas, being established as recently as 1975. The area largely offers mid-sized houses at reasonable prices, plus the highly rated Thousand Oaks Elementary School, Thousand Oaks Family YMCA, and the quaint Legacy Farmer’s Market.

Use San Antonio Luxury Realty To Find Your New Home For Sale

To make this difficult decision much easier, you need a real estate company that knows the top neighborhoods in San Antonio better than anybody else. That company is San Antonio Luxury Realty. Let us walk you through everything you need to know, answer all your burning questions, and get you into the best home in the best neighborhood in all of Texas.


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March 27, 2019

4 Reasons You Should Rent From a Property Management Company

Landlord or professional property management company? When you’re renting, there’s a big difference.

When you’re trying to decide where to live, you’re probably more concerned about square feet rather than whether a landlord or property manager owns the rental. However, who you’re renting from can have just as much of an impact as what you’re actually renting. If you end up renting from the wrong person or company, your life as a renter can go from a pleasant and hassle-free to a problem-plagued nightmare.

Advantages of a Management Company

There are some profound differences between the way landlords manage a rental building and how professional management companies do that job. While you’re checking out bedrooms and the number of bathrooms, be sure to keep these differences in mind:


Professional management companies are, by definition “professional.” They’re a business, and tenants are their customers. Landlords, on the other hand, are often untrained, and their “professionalism” will likely depend more on who they are as a person rather than any sort of company standard.

While that’s not always a negative thing, a landlord may only have experience owning a – not running it or handling with tenants. From a renter’s point of view, professional standards from a property management company are often a better bet than risking a lease with a landlord.


Professional property management companies usually do things by the book—which they wrote. The best property management companies, like San Antonio Luxury Realty, have been doing this for years. We have time tested procedural manuals for our staff to follow for every possible scenario. There’s no winging it or making up stuff as they go, as sometimes occurs with a landlord.


In a professionally managed property, when things go wrong, the building’s staff quickly addresses the problem. Their job is to make their clients, the tenants, happy. There’s little or no waiting when it comes to fixing the plumbing or replacing a broken appliance.

With a landlord, however, there’s no manager or boss to ensure they’re doing their job appropriately. It’s a single person, and, as long as they’re getting their checks, they may not see an individual tenant as a priority.



From a renter’s point of view, perhaps the best benefit of having professionals running a building is that they are often available 24/7. If a renter locks themselves out of their apartment or a pipe bursts in the kitchen, the people working for the building are there to help. Even if a problem occurs in the middle of the night, there’s almost always someone to help—especially when some of the staff lives on the property.

Meanwhile, a landlord is much less likely to jump out of bed at 3:00 am to help a tenant. It’s hard for one person to keep up with multiple tenants, especially if they’re trying to manage more than one property, and that’s not even considering who’s in when the landlord is away on vacation or sick.


The staff at most rental property management companies go through a training program that, among other things, teaches them how to professionally interact with tenants. Importantly, if tenants complain about the attitude of a staff member, it's sure to get back to management. Having an unhelpful or cranky person on the team undermines the company's reputation and could, if the problem persists, jeopardize the property management's contract with the property owner. 

Rent from The Best Property Management Company in San Antonio

Realistically, renting from a professional property management company is probably better for tenants. Most renters would prefer spending their Sunday afternoon having brunch on the River Walk instead of chasing down an unresponsive landlord to get him to fix a leaky pipe you’ve complained about for weeks.

If you’re ready to rent from a top-notch property management company, take a look at our beautiful rental properties. Or, if you own a property but don’t want the hassle of managing it alone, learn more about the best property managers in San Antonio, TX.